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Founded & Managed by Ericka Boussarhane

[ Psychic Medium, Psychic Detective, Forensic Medium, and Paranormal Investigator ]

Second Sight Paranormal investigations and Forensic Services 

"She finds them. They investigate them". Got Ghosts? Is your House Haunted? We also provide CSI Readings! Let our Team of Professional Paranormal Investigators and Psychic Medium help you! Second Sight Paranormal Investigations and Forensic Services is focused on providing education, training, and community outreach through scientific investigation, data collection and analysis.

Our goal is to help those who may be experiencing a haunting and wish to learn more about this phenomenon. We work with high-tech equipment and a renowned psychic to to investigate the home or business. Our goal is to help you understand and resolve your ghostly encounters.


Second Sight Paranormal Investigations and Forensic Services currently uses:

Rim Pod

Parascope 360

Parascope Prism

Poltercom Pico



SLS/KInect camera


K2 Meters


Voice Recorders






SP7 Spirit Box


4 Camera DVR System'


360° Puck Infrared Light


Flux 2 Response Device


SBox Ghost Box + Recorder


Rook EMF Meter with Sound


Gear Pouch


Full Spectrum POV Cam


Compact IR Light


Dual IR & Full Spectrum Light


Laser Grid Scope


EMF & Laser Grid Kit


K2 EMF Meter


Laser Grid Scope


GS Flashlight


Ambient Thermometer


Ghost Meters


Motion Sensor LED Night Lights


Thermal Camera


BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear





Green Light Outdoor Torch Light


Movement Activated Doll

Several Trigger Objects

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